in a photobooth (in_a_photobooth) wrote,
in a photobooth

science: it works, bitches.


with all respect to everyone's views, and whatever you're trying to protect....trees, cats, dogs, mice, science, medicine, sanity, etc.

i'm really sick and tired of people making me feel guilty about liking science and being a science major. I feel like there's some huge stigma about it now that the protests are going on, and frankly, i dont enjoy being nervous whenever i walk by the front of PSB. i really am torn between telling those people off and leaving me and my beloved medical research alone, and recognizing they're people too living in a TREE of all fucking places, and just really wanting to send them some soup and a blanket. Even though i feel that they are trespassing, i dont want anyone turning into a parking lot pancake.

and what's with biomedical research being evil? i want to be a doctor...I want to have a life in medicine...does that mean i'm evil too? what about us premeds that want to help and have a respect for life in general?

i'm tired of everyone arguing, accusing, and lumping people into unattractive stereotypes. hey, if you dont like being called a dirty stupid tree hugging hippy, dont make me feel like a cold hearted kitty killing asshole science major.

i just dream of the old days when ucsc_chatter was filled with happiness and pictures of corgis.
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