in a photobooth (in_a_photobooth) wrote,
in a photobooth

last real week of school

Last night i relinquished my pledge mom duties, and after a year of being on exec, i basically have nothing to do now in KGD.
so now i can focus on classes, lots of catching up, and lots of self-preservation.

today has been a better day so far. spirits are generally high, and i dont have a mind-splitting headache.
the mosts exciting thing coming up though is going to be this friday. chris won tickets off the radio for the third (!) time in about a year and a half, after seeing AFI and smashing pumpkins (for free!!) we're going to not so silent night in SF, and the little prize package includes going back to jimmy eat world's dressing room and having a little acoustic show with them.

it's only been around eight years that i've been waiting to see them, including two failed attempts to go to their shows in the past couple of years. So in a somewhat sentimental (silly) sense i feel that it's crazy important that i get to see them now.

i just know i'm going to feel super old when i go on friday though. i've been feeling realy old in general.
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