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jimmy eat world - oct 2 @ the catalyst (!!!!)
the velvet teen - oct 17 @ bottom of the hill
minus the bear - nov 6 @ the fillmore
motion city soundtrack - nov 30 @ the warfield

I WANT TO SEE ALL OF THESE. jimmy eat world, i've been trying to see for years, i had ticketsto see them freshman year...but that was the day my grandpa died, and i just couldnt bear to do anything that day. the only thing is that oct 2 is GAME night during rush week. :( i'd feel bad if i didnt go since rush week is such a big deal. if it were any other band i wouldnt have to think about it. but just because jew has this weird sentimental context, i feel like it would mean more to be personally, if that makes any sense at all.

and fucking velvet teen and mtb. minusthe bear i also missed when they came to santa cruz.bleh. lots of redeeming shows to go to.

and motion city soundtrack, well, i've been waiting years for that too. it will probably be full of crazy annoying young'uns. it's funny because mae is opening for them, and i used to be so crazy about,not so much.

i think after see the smashing pumpkins and ted leo & the pharmacists, i'm on a show-kick.
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